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MM FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Music Mouse

What about PC?

This is probably the most frequently asked question about Music Mouse. Music Mouse is for Macintosh, Amiga and Atari ST only. It is not available for PC-Wintel computers. However a reliable source has shown that Music Mouse for Atari can be run on PCs within the STEEM Atari emulator. I don't know if it would run in any Mac emulators for PC, so please let me know if you try that or find additional emulators that work with any versions of Music Mouse.

Note: The Atari version of Music Mouse is identical to the last Macintosh OS 9 version except that due to the Atari computers' lack of internally synthesized sound it outputs MIDI data only. For instructions on running Music Mouse on a PC in the STEEM Atari emulator, please see these pages on Tim Conrardy's wonderful Atari MIDI website:

Tim's Atari MIDI World
Atari Music Mouse
The STEem Engine Atari Emulator for PC

Music Mouse runs and is in use under variousMac, Amiga and Atari emulators for 1980s into '90s computers including Mini vMac .

Is Music Mouse still available, and what is the current version?

In general, the Music Mouse upgrades of recent years did not include new features, but mainly just modifications so that the program would remain compatible with changes in Macintosh hardware and System software. The Atari and Amiga versions of Music Mouse have not been upgraded since the discontinuation of their respective host computers, but they both still run fine. They are available until the existing supply of packages runs out, and after that if there is still demand for them.

How do I get it?

A demo of the last published Macintosh version (v. 2.1.2) can be downloaded from my website.

Music Mouse isn't really for sale any more. If you'd like to be sent a copy you can send an email inquiring.

What is the difference between the demo and "full version"?

The difference between the demo and the full version is that the demo will only run for about 5 minutes before the program quits. The non-demo runs indefinitely and includes digital versions of the manual and keyboard map.

How do I get output on a USB Macintosh?

If you are using the Mac's internal sound, just select "QuickTime" on MM's "Output" menu. If you are using a MIDI interface on a "Stealth Serial Port", Music Mouse will write to that port with no problem. If you are using MIDI via a USB port, I plan to but have not found the time to do an update that either uses OMS'd drivers or outputs to the USB bus. In this case you can still get MIDI output from Music Mouse by selecting "QuickTime" on Music Mouse's "Output" menu, and then using the QuickTime Setup Control Panel and/or OMS Setup to select MIDI output or whatever driver type is appropriate for your system.

Important Note: It appears that QuickTime seems to require that OMS be installed in order to recognize any external MIDI ports. Somehow this is not documented anywhere that it should be. Even if you have FreeMIDI (www.motu.com) installed, which is still be supported while OMS is no longer supported, QT will not find external MIDI hardware.

The current version is 2.3.8. Run the installer then do the setup. Avoid using the OMS control panel ("OMS Preferred Device"), which crashed for me (Mac OS 9.1). But the "OMS Setup" program seems to work ok.

With which Atari models is Music Music compatible?

Music Mouse for Atari runs on ALL Atari Platforms:

Is there a demo of the Atari version?

There is currently no available demo of the Atari version of Music Mouse, but it is is identical in function to the Mac version, so if you have a willing/interested friend with a Mac, download the Mac demo to see if you like the program.

Thanks for your continuing interest and support for the little music rodent!

- Laurie

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