** Laurie's MIDI Terminal **

The MIDI Terminal is simple utility written by Laurie Spiegel for Macintosh 
computers that displays the MIDI data coming into the computer in English 
for diagnostic, educational, and any other purpose you can think of, and saves 
it to a file for later retrieval.

(For more thoughts on why you might want this program, see the article "Put a 
MIDI Service Technician in Your Computer" by Craig Anderton and Laurie Spiegel
in Electronic Musician magazine, Dec. 1990.)

• MIDI Terminal™ 1.2.2 - Oct. 2000

Updated all files in distribution package with new website address, online registration URL. 
No other changes.

• MIDI Terminal™ 1.2.1 - Jan. 1998

Compatibility fixes for post-1990 Macintosh processors, platforms, and system software.

Revised documentation in plain text format.

• MIDI Terminal™ 1.2 MIDI_Mgr - May, 1990

	Added MIDI Manager input.

	Added user-selectable filters for more data types.

	Added the remaining data types in the MIDI Spec to date (virtually 
  the full content of the current MIDI Protocol Specification at the 
	time, with the exceptions of MIDI Time Code and the Sample Transfer 
	protocol, which are not displayed.)

• MIDI Terminal Version 1.0  - Feb. 1989

	Mac II compatible.
	Improved the file interface, which now conforms to the 
	standard Macintosh user interface for file handling.
	Improved speed.
	It now displays in English translation about 60 different MIDI data types. 

• MIDI Terminal 1.0 - March. 1988

	MultiFinder compatible.
	User-selectable data type filters.
	Visual display optimized for speed, runs nearer to real time.

• MIDI Terminal (aka "Laurie's MIDI Terminal") - April 1986

	In the Beginning: I needed one, so I wrote one.
                                    - Laurie

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